World Book Day

We had a great day celebrating World Book Day.

The children had the option to dress up and then share who they were and why.

The nursery came over to P123 to enjoy the story ‘Zog’ and have a snack together.

We were also very lucky to have Ryan from Ross County come in to share a story with both classes.


“Reading is dreaming with your eyes open!”



Leap Year

Four years ago the P567s made a time capsule which was not allowed to be opened until after 29th Feb 2020. P123 thought they would do the same so they made some items for their leap year time capsule. It is now going to be wrapped up and put away in the cupboard until the next leap year when we will be in P567.


leap year


Here are some pictures of P567 with what they opened from their leap year capsule, they were very excited to see what they had put in it!




Authors Live

The whole school are currently taking part in an Authors Live session with Michael Ronsen. Michael Ronsen is the author of many books but the one that most of you will know is,

‘We’re going on a bear hunt’

This was a great opportunity for the children to learn about the author have hear it first hand from him.


Pancake Day

Children in P1-3 were busy practising lots of skills, such as measuring, weighing, sharing, reading recipes and following instructions are to name but a few. They had great fun making their own batch and then getting to taste one. ardross shrove

Whole School Activities

Yesterday  was the start of an 8 week block where the whole school were split into 4 groups. As well as covering experiences and outcomes the children will also be developing the schools’ ‘Super 6 Skills.’ The first day was a great success and the children thoroughly enjoyed the activity.

Mrs C, Mrs Dunnett, Mrs Dolan and Mrs Allison each have a group, focussing on a different activity;

School Vision– to create and decide on our school Values


-Read and follow a recipe

-Organise/share the tasks

-Be confident in different -cooking skills

-Looking at a nutritional value of food types

-Staying safe in the kitchen environment

-Aware of healthy eating choice

-Enjoying cooking as a life skill

Sewing skills 

The children will;

Learn how to sew on a button and attach fabric through making a sock puppet – threading a needle, back stitch, fastening off.

Learn how to do running stitch on binca fabric to create a bookmark.


I can use a range of tools and equipment when working with textiles TCH 1-04b

I am developing and using problem solving strategies to meet challenges with a food or textile focus TCH 1-04c


Where they will learn to;

Design and make a working catapult splat game.

Make a model car that can move.

(To extend and enhance design skills. TCH2 -09a

To build and simulate ideas to engineering problems  TCH  1& 2 -12a)



On Thursday, our P7s went to Alness Academy to take part in a Transition Event.

They attended the event with all current P7s from the feeder Primary Schools, they took part in a range of Maths Activities. To recognise their efforts in the Maths games they were awarded with a Certificate of Achievement. transition

Ross County


Ross County Football Community Team have been in delivering football sessions for the whole school for the past 6 weeks.
The session aims are;
1. To develop Fundamental Movement Skills through participation in enjoyable games.
2. Help raise confidence, self-esteem and motivation to learn in other curricular areas.
3. Raise the confidence of, and provide support to, primary teachers in delivering Physical Education.

The children have thoroughly enjoyed these sessions, many thanks to the Coach Ryan for the super sessions.

Lunch Club

On Wednesday, the whole school entertained Ardross Lunch Club by singing a few Scottish Songs to them.
The children did a great job and the club especially enjoyed the story of ‘Red Yo Yo’ where the children acted out the song.

We are delighted to have this community partnership and to be invited along. Thank you!


Science Skills Academy

This week, Fionnadh Carroll, STEM Engagement Officer for the Dingwall ‘Newton Room’ delivered a taster session to P7 pupils from Ardross and Newmore at Ardross Hall.

They are currently in the process of refurbishing the space in Dingwall Town Hall to become your local ‘Newton Room’. Whilst it awaits completion of this work, they are offering taster sessions for Primary 7 pupils

The children explored different ways to estimate, calculate and measure distances then use LEGO MINDSTORM robots to assess their accuracy. They caluclated the circumference of their robot’s wheels and plot a course around the perimeter of shapes.

This was a super session for the children and they loved using the robots to aid their learning.


The Science Skills Academy (SSA) delivers hands-on practical STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) activities to P6-S2 students in the Highlands and Islands. Our aim is for the sessions to excite and inspire students, and encourage them to study STEM subjects at school and beyond. We also introduce students to the wide variety of STEM career pathways, both in general and in the Highlands and Islands region. The SSA is a programme led by Highlands and Islands Enterprise and run in partnership with the Highland Council, NHS Highland, Skills Development Scotland, and the University of the Highlands and Islands.