We are back!

It has been so good getting back to the school building this week! The pupils (and staff!) have done an amazing job of adapting to the required changes and hopefully are finding they can still learn in a caring and fun environment. As a staff we are certainly delighted to have everyone back!

Weekly Update

Happy FRIDAY and it is the last FRIDAY of this term.

This week we have held a whole school Health Week. Health is one of our core curricular areas – it is so important that we are healthy and FIT for LIFE.

The children have had a number of challenges to complete and have kept a food diary so they can see if they have a balanced diet. We were also very lucky to have 2 special guests who were former pupils of Newmore – Tracy from the Shape up Shed and Luke Stoltman, ‘The Highland Oak’ who competes in the Strong Man Competitions.They sent in special videos recorded for us personally – a huge thank you to them for our videos!

Last week we had some Rollercoaster Engineers who did a super job of creating fantastic rollercoasters that had to meet a certain design brief…1m long, 75cm high and have a 360 loop.

Have a super weekend.

Friday 19th June

I cannot believe we are racing to the holidays – a reminder that the school will close for the holidays on Thursday 2nd July. There will be an end of term Assembly in the morning.


It has been a busy week and we have had Pupil and Parent Council meetings to share and update where we are with our plans for August so far! Letters detailing which days that the children will be in school come August have been issued to all parents.


We have been off on our travels this week – the whole cluster went on a virtual trip to Disneyland. The children created themed activities and I hope that all the children enjoyed it.


Next week we have another cluster approach and have a  Health Week planned. We will all be following the same activities which focuses on Health and Wellbeing. Our P7s will be not be doing this as they have a Virtual Transition with Alness Academy where the tasks will be set by the Academy.


Highland Council have now confirmed that Monday 10th August is a holiday, Tuesday 11th August is an Inset Day and the school term will commence for some pupils on Wednesday 12th August with others following throughout the week. Further details about what this will look like will follow in due course. Thank you for your patience while we ensure our plans for the initial return to school are as good as they can be.

We have a Parent Council Meeting on Wednesday where we will be sharing our initial thoughts on how return to school might look.

On Friday for our Family Funky Friday the children were asked to create a self-portrait using natural  materials that they find outside. There are some very strong resemblances…

This week the children are in for a treat and are going on a virtual school trip – stay tuned to see where we are ‘jetting off’ to.


Weekly Update

What another fast week it has been, I cannot believe we are fast approaching the Summer Holidays.

This week has been a step in the right direction for us all as I was allowed to return to school to start planning how the school will operate in August and writing the Risk Assessment. Plans are still to be confirmed and the situation is ever changing but please be assured that we are working hard to make it work as best we can. The children will still have to work from home for part of the week but it will be great to have them back in school for at least some of the time.
Next week we are holding Pupil and Parent Councils to be able to discuss the plans and answer any queries that you may have, I can’t promise I can answer them as there are still a lot of unknowns, but I will try my best!
Last week our Family Funky Friday activity was to create a bug or fairy house and what amazing houses were made…click on the pictures to have a close look… Our children and families never fail to amaze me each week with their creations. Super Effort.

School is just far too quiet without you all and I cannot wait to welcome you back in August, albeit not full time but some of the time is better than nothing!

Have a great weekend!

Weekly Update

Plans are underway behind the scenes for returning to school in August.

We are looking forward to seeing the children back in school.  Although we’ve mostly kept in touch using digital learning and other means, we have missed each and every one.

School will be a safe place. We will prioritise looking after your children with kindness and care.  We will work with you to make sure they are healthy and physically safe but also that they feel safe with us.

Children have been away from school for a while, so we understand they will all have made different amounts of progress with learning.  We will adapt to this and make sure we understand and provide what each child needs to learn.

Families have been through what might have been a stressful time.  We understand it may take time for children to settle back at school and for families to get back into routines.  Please let us know if we can help.

Education is a partnership between school and home.  We will do our best to consult you on key decisions, and please always feel free to let us know any ideas or needs we can act on.

Teachers and school staff have also been through a difficult time.  We are all learning how to get things right for each other.  So please bear with us if things are not ideal, and let us know any concerns.

Education is about doing interesting and meaningful things now, but also a preparation for the future.  We will work with you and your child to make sure they have the opportunities they need despite the recent and any future disruptions.

Last week for our Family Funky Friday activity the children were set with the task to create something with a toilet/kitchen roll tube. The examples are fantastic and demonstrates creativity at its best, being open minded, curious, imaginative and solving problems.

Weekly Update

I hope this finds you all safe and well!

As was announced by the Scottish Government last week, pupils across the country are expected to return to school from 11th August, although initially they will only be in school part time.  

I just wanted to get in touch to re-assure you,  that work is underway  within Highland’s Education Service, to plan for  a phased re-opening of schools.  This is in line with the national expectation that local authorities will develop a “Local Phasing Delivery Plan”.  The plan will inform our approach to the phased re-opening of Ardross and will be a step in the journey back to ‘normality’.

Just a wee reminder that our virtual school will be closed on Monday for staff in-service training.

Last week for Family Funky Friday the children were challenged with the task to create a Scarecrow, here is selection of super examples…

Finally, I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for all that you are doing in these very difficult times to support your child’s learning.  Whether this is through the activities we provide, your own activities or a blend of both, you are doing a great job out there.

Weekly Update

I cannot believe how fast the week goes. Some new developments from our Government yesterday informing us that we will return in August. A lot of planning and preparation to be done on how this will look and as always we will keep you informed.

It has been another busy week for our Ardross Pupils and the P4-7 class have been enjoying using their new Virtual Class to access their tasks for the day…

virtual class

The children have also been developing their digital skills and many have created their own Bit Emoji.


In P4-7 they have been learning about pointillism and look at this super example from one of our pupils and it isn’t even finished…

Primary 1-3 have been writing to the new P1s and learning about length…



Again, I cannot say it enough, you are all doing a super job! Well done everyone!


Education Scotland

I thought I would share what Education Scotland are releasing about the current situation we are all in. They quote; “In these uncertain times, parents, carers and families are under a lot of pressure, especially in supporting children to continue to learn. No-one expects parents and carers to take the place of teachers.”

They are issuing weekly newsletters which has reassuring messages as well as additional activities if your child is looking for more. These activities are intended to complement the activities provided by the  school and help your child to have a broad range of learning experiences during the school closures. They are very practical and also highlight that a lot of what you will already be doing at home will be helping the children learn and develop.

Follow thisto subscribe to the Parents and Carers newsletter.


Here is the shortcut to the newsletters…


parentcarernewsletterissue_2 (1)s link

Weekly Update

Happy Friday Everyone,

We have had yet another busy week and as always we continue to be encouraged by the efforts of our pupils, parents and staff. It is not easy and everyone is adapting to this new way of learning and teaching and trying their best. Thank you – I really am proud!

Today saw the introduction of our ‘Family Funky Friday’ where not only do we have our dance but we are going to do a weekly task that can be carried out as a whole family and is the same task for the whole school which is explained and shared via my video. Today everyone has been busy making Well Being Jars to keep things we are looking forward to which makes us feel happy! The thing I am looking forward to the most is …. GOING BACK TO SCHOOL! I miss you all!

This week we sent a reminder encouraging you all to share and send in examples of tasks being completed as it is really important the children are provided with next steps and feedback in their learning. Thank you to everyone who has done this!

As always, please ‘shout’ if you need help, we are here to help!

Have a great weekend.