Weekly Update

Plans are underway behind the scenes for returning to school in August.

We are looking forward to seeing the children back in school.  Although we’ve mostly kept in touch using digital learning and other means, we have missed each and every one.

School will be a safe place. We will prioritise looking after your children with kindness and care.  We will work with you to make sure they are healthy and physically safe but also that they feel safe with us.

Children have been away from school for a while, so we understand they will all have made different amounts of progress with learning.  We will adapt to this and make sure we understand and provide what each child needs to learn.

Families have been through what might have been a stressful time.  We understand it may take time for children to settle back at school and for families to get back into routines.  Please let us know if we can help.

Education is a partnership between school and home.  We will do our best to consult you on key decisions, and please always feel free to let us know any ideas or needs we can act on.

Teachers and school staff have also been through a difficult time.  We are all learning how to get things right for each other.  So please bear with us if things are not ideal, and let us know any concerns.

Education is about doing interesting and meaningful things now, but also a preparation for the future.  We will work with you and your child to make sure they have the opportunities they need despite the recent and any future disruptions.

Last week for our Family Funky Friday activity the children were set with the task to create something with a toilet/kitchen roll tube. The examples are fantastic and demonstrates creativity at its best, being open minded, curious, imaginative and solving problems.

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