Weekly Update

Happy Friday Everyone,

We have had yet another busy week and as always we continue to be encouraged by the efforts of our pupils, parents and staff. It is not easy and everyone is adapting to this new way of learning and teaching and trying their best. Thank you – I really am proud!

Today saw the introduction of our ‘Family Funky Friday’ where not only do we have our dance but we are going to do a weekly task that can be carried out as a whole family and is the same task for the whole school which is explained and shared via my video. Today everyone has been busy making Well Being Jars to keep things we are looking forward to which makes us feel happy! The thing I am looking forward to the most is …. GOING BACK TO SCHOOL! I miss you all!

This week we sent a reminder encouraging you all to share and send in examples of tasks being completed as it is really important the children are provided with next steps and feedback in their learning. Thank you to everyone who has done this!

As always, please ‘shout’ if you need help, we are here to help!

Have a great weekend.


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