End of Term

We have reached the end of Term 3 and it is certainly not in the way we all would have imagined, at home, home-schooling and in lock-down.

I want to take this moment to express how proud I am of of all my learners! It has been absolutely brilliant to see them engaging with their learning in a new way so quickly. We have had examples of work from videos, group hangouts, pictures, comments and phone calls. It really does make our day when they share their learning with us.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank our terrific teachers for the job they have done over these last nine days to get our virtual school up and running. It has been some feat! They like you need a well earned Easter break.

The Easter holiday is going to be a bit different this year and although the school is closed until Tuesday 14th April because we are a ‘virtual’ school you can visit us any time over the holidays. The only difference being the teachers will not be in class. So if there was a particular activity you really liked or something you missed then why not share it via seesaw or the classroom.

Take care, stay safe and enjoy a well earned break.

Here are a few examples of home learning from this week..


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