Whole School Activities

Yesterday  was the start of an 8 week block where the whole school were split into 4 groups. As well as covering experiences and outcomes the children will also be developing the schools’ ‘Super 6 Skills.’ The first day was a great success and the children thoroughly enjoyed the activity.

Mrs C, Mrs Dunnett, Mrs Dolan and Mrs Allison each have a group, focussing on a different activity;

School Vision– to create and decide on our school Values


-Read and follow a recipe

-Organise/share the tasks

-Be confident in different -cooking skills

-Looking at a nutritional value of food types

-Staying safe in the kitchen environment

-Aware of healthy eating choice

-Enjoying cooking as a life skill

Sewing skills 

The children will;

Learn how to sew on a button and attach fabric through making a sock puppet – threading a needle, back stitch, fastening off.

Learn how to do running stitch on binca fabric to create a bookmark.


I can use a range of tools and equipment when working with textiles TCH 1-04b

I am developing and using problem solving strategies to meet challenges with a food or textile focus TCH 1-04c


Where they will learn to;

Design and make a working catapult splat game.

Make a model car that can move.

(To extend and enhance design skills. TCH2 -09a

To build and simulate ideas to engineering problems  TCH  1& 2 -12a)


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