Today in assembly our pupil council read out the minutes which they had written which shows great ‘Communication’ Skills from their most recent meeting, we discussed why we have a pupil council and the importance of it. Communication Skills are are whole school focus at the moment.

We discussed that we are going to start whole school citizenship on Thursday mornings from Thursday 20th February for 8 weeks. The School will be split into 4 groups, Struie, Strathy, Dublin and Glaich. Each group will be doing 1 activity each week and then rotate to a different one, so all pupils will get a chance at all of the activities. The activities are; Life Skills, Cooking, S.T.E.M and ‘Our School Vision’ – focusing on creating our School Values.

We then moved on to the well-being indicators: Safe.Healthy.Active.Nurtured.Achieving.Respect.Responsible.Included

We focused mainly on Respect and the importance of being Respectful and using manners.

Written by Tilly


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