Minutes of Parent Forum Meeting

Parent Council Meeting

Friday 26th May 2017 – 2.30pm



Abigail and Paco Morera


In Attendance


Mrs Dunnett

Miss MacLachlan

Kerry Kerr

Isla Graham

Amanda Kelly

Deborah Wyatt

Frances Bell

Matt Stevenson


Summary of last meeting’s minutes

  • Profiles
  • Alternating afternoon and evening meetings for Parent Forum
  • Seesaw questionnaire. Awaiting some responses. GD will be collating these responses and this will be given to parents, once completed.
  • HWB questionnaires – Still awaiting responses from some parents in order for these to be collated. GD will be issuing a reminder for completion of these.
  • Alness Academy – No new update on building. Open to suggestions from P7’s.
  • Fundraising from a Winter Fayre – movement of Winter show to Easter time.
  • Staffing – questions about who will be filling in for Mrs Dunnett’s position. This has been advertised for and there will be more information before the end of term. There will be more information about P4-7 teacher’s position before the end of term as well.


New Information

  • Standards and Quality Report (Summary). Attendees were given a copy of the summary and G.D. outlined what this meant and would look like for the up-coming year.
  • New Reporting format has been implemented and this should provide more concise feedback for parents and allow them to see where children are succeeding and where they may require additional support.
  • Possibility of P.S.A support – We won’t get to keep Mrs Thow as this was extra (more than the school was entitled to) This will be addressed if and when appropriate in the next session should we require more support.
  • Later appointments for parent contact – 3:15 – 8pm on Wednesday 14th June
  • Discussion about upcoming calendar for the remainder of term. Dates have been given for upcoming activities. School trip will be to Wildlife Park and children will be later back to school.
  • Inspection was positive. No further details can be given until the official reports are released.
  • School will be working on increasing pupil voice with regard to learning – to improve pupil understanding and ownership of learning.
  • New vision, values and aims will be developed for the school as these have not been updated since Morag Wright was Head Teacher. All partners will be asked for their input.
  • Staff are looking to implement a new reading scheme, to improve accountability and exposure to a variety of texts. In addition to this, staff are implementing Heinemann Active Maths to aid mathematical development and variety in teaching approaches.
  • Summer Fayre – discussion was held about lower uptake and interest last year. Suggestions were taken for activities and stall ideas for this (Miss MacLachlan was somewhat opposed to the wet sponge stall …). A reminder will be put out asking for volunteers to bake and to help with stalls.


Parent’s Issues and Concerns Raised

  • Difficulty when receiving paper messages. These are not always being passed on to parents by children. Teachers will upload paper messages to Dojo and/or SeeSaw. Fiona will upload these to blog.
  • Mrs Dunnett will link Darcy’s family to the learning blogs to allow family to engage with learning in the classroom.
  • D. has demonstrated how to access the school blog as there was some confusion about this.




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