Skills for life, learning and work

We had a few visitors in school today who were happy to speak to us about their jobs.  The first was Rhona from Tempest Photography who thought she was in to just take a photo of the P7s, but before she knew where she was, she was being interviewed by the whole school.

Rhona told us that she was trained specially to do her job but that she needed other skills to help her, such as liking children and having good people skills.  She also enjoyed travelling to lots of different places to take her photos.  Rhona went round all the children asking them what they would like to be when they grow up.  Nobody mentioned being a photographer.  By the end of her visit quite a few children were quite sure that photography was the way to go!

In the afternoon Dr and Mrs Kelly came in to see us.  Mrs Kelly talked about her job as an English teacher in secondary schools and how much she enjoyed it.  A few of the children think that they might want to be a teacher when they grow up.

Next, Dr Kelly talked to the children about being a medical doctor.  He had with him his medical bag which contained lots of interesting looking instruments.  There was also a selection of disposable gloves and face masks to try along with some syringes.  As you can see from the photos, we now have a whole pile of budding doctors and surgeons.

It was decided that one of our Primary 2 boys was in need of major surgery on the classroom floor.

There were plenty of volunteers to take on the task!

But unfortunately we ran out of time and our brave patient lived to see another day!

Thank you very much to our visitors.

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