Bat Boxes

Friday afternoon and it was time for Citizenship groups.  Heather and Jamie came to see us from the Fyrish Substation.  They began by telling us about their jobs and what skills they used in their jobs.  We asked lots of questions as we are learning in school about skills we need for life, learning and work.

Then it was outside into the sun to do a bit of construction.  Heather and Jamie had brought more wood with them, this time to make some bat boxes.

Like before with the bird boxes in April, Jamie gave a demonstration of how to put a bat box together.  

He also showed us that if at first you don’t succeed, try, try again!

As we think we have become quite good at hammering nails into wood ourselves now, the adults didn’t need to be so brave this time and hold the nails for us.  They were quite happy about this.  

After some contemplation …

we were off!

Heather and Jamie were very pleased with the results.

Next time they visit we hope to start putting the bird and bat boxes up.  

Again, suggestions from the community as to where the boxes could be sited would be very welcome.

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