P123 morning out

Today P123 went for a visit to the Highland Museum of Childhood in Strathpeffer.    

We have been learning about life for children during the 2nd World War years in class such as what clothes they would have worn, food they would have eaten, toys they would have played with and so on.  At the museum we had the opportunity of talking about what we have learned and actually looking at, and even trying out some of the things we have only seen in pictures. 


Can you tell what the favourite thing was for us to try?
We then got to look around the museum at the different exhibits.  There were toy trains to play with, an old school desk to sit at when writing on a slate and a huge box of dress up clothes.

We would have liked to take the horsey home with us!

After a quick snack time we settled down to think about what it would be like to be evacuated during the war and what kind of things we would be able to take with us if we had been evacuated.  It wasn’t very much as it all had to fit into a small suitcase that we had to be able to carry along with a gas mask.

Afterwards we had a great time playing with some toys out on the old platform.  Just as well there are no trains now as some of the hoops were escaping over the edge!

We had a super time and thanks to Alison for looking after us.

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