Bird and Bat boxes

Every Friday afternoon we go into our Citizenship groups to do activities such as baking, eco awareness, gardening, crafting and looking at issues in the wider world.  Today we began a programme of work to build bird and bat boxes for our local community.  This is being led by the company building the Fyrish Substation.  Heather and Jamie came on Friday to tell us about the work that they do.  Heather makes sure that all the wildlife is protected during and after the building works that Jamie, a civil engineer, is involved with.  


Heather showed us a very interesting PowerPoint about why the substation is being built and about the birds found in the area that would use the bird boxes.  

 The wood was pre-cut for us at the Fyrish Substation


Then Jamie showed us how to build them.

He was very proud of his first ever bird box!!

Then it was our turn to be let loose with the hammers.  There were some very brave adults who helped hold the nails.  No fingers were damaged during production!

This is what the finished bird boxes look like. 

We still have some to finish, then it’ll be the turn of the bats to have some nice homes made for them, too.

We have put a message in the Ardross newsletter asking for suggestions from the people living in the Ardross community as to where would be good places to site these boxes when they are finished.  If you want, you can leave a comment on our Blog with a suggestion.

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