Newsletter – 25th January 2016

The long awaited (by the children!) snow finally arrived and we find ourselves in a very cold, and now very wet playground.  It would be extremely helpful if you could provide a change of clothes for your child in such weather and make sure they have suitable labelled indoor shoes.

Donation to Raigmore

Many thanks for the contributions at our Carol Service last month.  The money collected amounted to £70 and was sent to the Children’s Ward at Raigmore Hospital who responded with a lovely thank you letter to the school.


Please can parents make sure that children have either snack money for toast (15p per slice) or some kind of snack from home if you wish your child to have something.  We have a problem at the moment of children asking others for “a bit” of their snack, snack items being swapped and children asking each other if they can borrow money for toast.


Enrolment for any children eligible to start school in August takes place this week in school.  Please let anyone know that you think may qualify.  Enrolment for next year’s Nursery placements take place the following week.


Swimming lessons will continue each Friday for P4-7 children.  Please ensure they have appropriate swimwear and towel.

Touch Rugby

P1-3 are having touch rugby sessions each Tuesday for the next few weeks (apart from tomorrow, 26th Jan).  P4-7 are also being offered a trial lunch-time session on the same day, participation is optional.  Please ensure your child has suitable indoor shoes for such a game; these must be non-marking trainers but preferably not the little black plimsolls as they tend to slip.

Oral Health Educator

Lorna Baxter will be in school on Tuesday, 26th January to visit P1-3 and advise on best tooth brushing & oral hygiene.

Please collect plastic bottles for us!

We are hoping to design our school name outside using plastic bottles and need your help please!!  Any donations of empty plastic 500ml bottles, especially the ones with coloured lids would be greatly appreciated over the next couple of months. E.g. volvic, flavoured water, etc.


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